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Winter Wonderland Pictures from the Grand Canyon

Parkasaurus caught this snapshot of snow on the Grand Canyon in December 2009.

Much of the country is caught in a cold snap right now to kick off 2015.   Rather famously there were freezing temperatures at the Rose Bowl Parade, and even a few rare flakes in Las Vegas.  The Washington Post, meanwhile, has highlighted some stunning pictures of snow blanketing the Grand Canyon.

Be sure to click through to the article for additional spectacular photos of a full blanket of snow on the Grand Canyon. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Grand Canyon National Park twice in my life, and ironically, both visits were impacted by snow.  As a child, I remember getting out of the car briefly to look over the edge as the snow came down sideways in a heavy wind during a late spring snowstorm.   The photo above is from a more recent visit in December 2009.   Although my visit didn’t have the spectacular blanket of snow that’s there now, the light layer of snow still provided a nice accent to the always-beautiful scenery at this park.   This view is from near the Desert View Observation Tower on the south rim at the east end of the park.

Overall, this past month has been particularly spectacular for photography at Grand Canyon National Park.   Back in early December, an eerily-beautiful cloud inversion hit the Grand Canyon.  This is a rare weather phenomenon that appeared to literally “fill” the Grand Canyon with clouds – like water in a bath tub.   Although it would surely be a disappointment to anyone making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon to not be able to gaze at its spectacular depths, the natural phenomenon was absolutely spectacular for those who were able to witness it, as these inversions are apparently not predictable and only happen every couple years..

Here’s hoping that if your 2015 takes you to Grand Canyon National Park that it leaves you with memories as spectacular as these photographs.

Happy New Year!

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Two Great National Park Pictures

I’ve recently come across two absolutely amazing pictures from national parks, and both are very well worth checking out:

1) NASA’s long-running Astronomy Picture of the Day blog featured a new picture from Yellowstone National Park on August 27th.  This amazing shot, taken within the last month by professional photographer Dave Lane is a stunning composition of the Milky Way arching over multi-colored thermal hot springs.   Be sure to check it out!

2) The second is a stunning photo from Dan Robinson’s Storm Highway blog of lightning striking the Gateway Arch in St. Louis – which is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.    It turns out that lightning doesn’t strike the Gateway Arch quite as often as you might think.    You can check out his stunning photograph here, or watch the video here.

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