Dusting Off

Mojave National Preserve – Photo from 2007

Wow, has it really been a year since the last Parkasaurus post?

Its been a long and trying year behind the scenes as I dealt with some things around the house, and took on a new role as a leader in my oldest son’s Cub Scout Pack.  Nevertheless, I still love America’s National Parks and just couldn’t walk away – and even periodically worked on this blog behind the scenes over the intervening months.

So here’s an effort to reboot this blog.  Moving forward, I’m hoping to cover the following topics:

(1) The breadth and depth of the U.S. National Park System – as measured through the monthly updates to the Passport to Your National Parks program;

(2) Efforts to expand the 417 Units in the U.S. National Park System; and

(3) My family’s own travels through the U.S. National Parks.

So to get things going again – there’s going to be a series of rapid fire posts covering the additions to the Passport to Your National Parks program over the past year.  As always, I try and dive into the stories behind the stamps – and look into why each cancellation has been added to the Passport Program.  I also try to find the connections between the different areas in the U.S. National Park System in ways that are hopefully new and interesting for anyone interested in the parks.

Enjoy!   And I look forward to posting more in the months and years ahead!

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