More on Visiting Cabrillo National Monument

The statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo overlooking San Diego.

I had such a good time researching my previous post on Cabrillo National Monument and the earliest date in the National Park System, that I never got around to writing much about the actual visitation experience to this park.

Naturally, you will want to see the Cabrillo statue, and also check out the exhibits and park film in the visitor center.   Its interesting to note that after the Monument was proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson there were two failed attempts to produce a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo before finally a statue orginally commissioned by the government of Portugal for an exhibition in San Francisco was found and transferred to San Diego to fill the purpose.

The other highlight is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.   As historic 19th century lighthouses go, this one isn’t particularly significant compared to any others, but it is nevertheless always interesting to tour the legacy of a way of life that no longer exists.


The Old Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the things to see and do at Carbillo National Monument.
The Old Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the things to see and do at Carbillo National Monument.

Finally, the remaining highlight of Carbillo National Monument are the tidepools.   There is a roadway leading to the base of the cliffs, and the tide pools are a particularly popular attraction for the San Diego locals, as well as for any families visiting with children.  The tide pools are a great way to encounter marine life like starfish and shellfish.   Here is a fantastic trip report about visiting the tide pools as a family with young children.

Finally, its worth noting that there is just one passport stamp for Cabrillo National Monument:

  • San Diego, CA – available at the main visitor center
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