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  1. Love your site!! So do you have ANY idea where I can get stamp locations for C&O canal Lock #28 Point of Rocks and any of the Delaware Water Gap ones? I only have been able to get Kittatinny, Bushkill, and the AT no one seems to know about Dingmans/Ding.Falls, Bushkill FALLS, Ding.Ferry, Millbrook or the anniversary stamp. THANK YOU

    1. Hi Liddy – sorry the I missed your comment when it was posted. The C&O Canal NHP Lockhouse #28 – Point of Rocks stamp is available at the Lockhouse itself, which is part of the Canal Quarters overnight stay program, and is also available at the Williamsport Visitor Center. The Delaware Water Gap NRA stamps are available at each of the Park’s Visitor Centers on the park map.

  2. Hi I will be indebted to you if you could help me: I am looking all over for the stampping locations for the National mall North East region and the NPS support office. Any idea where these are?

    1. Hi Janie – I am unaware of any cancellation stamp reading “North East Region” on it. Did you mean the National Capital Region? The stamp for the “National Mall” Unit of the National Park System can be found at three locations: the Washington Monument Bookstore, the Lincoln Memorial Bookstore, and the U.S. Navy Memorial.

  3. Hello Parkasaurus Blog,

    First, thank you for retweeting and liking us our Twitter account (@parkbasedlearn) We appreciate your support and your approval/endorsement of Park Based Learning and its goal of connecting educators and students across the country with the National Parks and public lands in their backyard through engaging and free curriculum. We’ve also really enjoyed recommending your blog to teachers looking for easy-to-access materials for their students. Your December 2017 Acadia blog post recently helped a student at one of our partner schools!

    Because you’ve been such a great supporter, we’d like to ask if you’d be interested in becoming a Park Based Learning Partner organization. Many teachers who use our projects and resources are eager to connect with experts like yourself as a way of taking their projects to the next level. Being a partner means that in addition to listing you and your organization on our website, teachers and their students would be able to connect with you.

    We want to make sure that these connections happen on YOUR terms, and we’d be willing to list your willingness to contribute to great student learning in any of the following ways;
    – reaching out via email or social media to ask questions or inquire about resources.
    – connect via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout with classrooms for project support.
    – helping to give feedback or assess a students’ project.

    Also, if you’ve already got an educational division or contact person who offers any of these services to educators and their students we’d LOVE to help get the word out by connecting you with classroom studying your area of expertise.

    This is a great way to establish communication and connection with students and teachers both locally and across the U.S. so we very much hope you’ll consider becoming a Park Based Learning Partner Organization. Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions or comments. If you are on board we would be happy to send you more information and begin connecting you with excited students across North America!

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Hope to connect with you again during the next #parkchat

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