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March 2018 – Special Stamps for Women’s Rights NHP & More

Three new cancellations for Women’s Rights National Historical Park highlight this month’s new stamps. The oldest Parkasaurus kid is certainly excited!  Photo from 2014.

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site – Kiowa County, CO

Women’s Rights National Historical Park –

  • Bedford Falls, NY
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton House
  • Convention Days

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area – Stonecrest, GA

Appalachian National Scenic Trail – Blairstown, NJ

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail – Harpers Ferry, WV

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site is updating its single passport cancellation this month. Photo from 2015.

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in rural eastern Colorado has had a passport cancellation reading “Eads, CO” ever since the site was added to the National Park System in 2007.   The town of Eads, however, where the Park’s headquarters offices are located, is actually a couple miles from the site itself.  Thus, the National Park Service has apparently decided to update their cancellation to read “Kiowa County,” rather than the town of Eads.

The highlight of this month’s additions, however, are three new stamps for Women’s Rights National Historical Park in upstate New York.  The Elizabeth Cady Stanton house is the third park location to get its own passport cancellation, along with the main Visitor Center in Seneca Falls and the M’Clintock House in nearby Waterloo where the organizers of the Seneca Falls Convention met regularly.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the giants of the women’s suffrage movement and a key organizer of the Seneca Falls Convention.  The “Convention Days” stamps refers to the annual commemoration  of the Seneca Falls Convention on or around July 20th each summer.   The “Bedford Falls” stamp, however, is more closely associated with winter. The town of Seneca Falls was the model for the fictional town of Bedford Falls in Mrs. Parkasaurus’ all-time favorite Christmas movie, “Its a Wonderful Life.”   The National Park Service annually hosts an “It’s a Wonderful Life” weekend in mid-December each year.

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is one of the more unusual cancellation locations for the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Photo from 2013.

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area commemorates the natural and cultural landscapes around two granite mountains located just east of Atlanta, Arabia Mountain itself and Panola Mountain.  (The famous Stone Mountain, with its massive carving of Confederate leaders etched in the side, is part of the same geological province, and is located just to the north of the designated National Heritage Area.)  This Heritage Area has previously had one cancellation, available at multiple locations, for the town of Lithonia, Georgia.  This new cancellation reflects that a new town of Stonecrest, Georgia, containing Arabia Mountain itself, has been split off from the town of Lithonia, Georgia.

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, like many heritage areas, is organized around a number of “themes.”  For Arabia Mountain NHA, these themes are Natural Systems, Early Settlement, Culture & Community, Granite & Technology, and Spiritual Landscape.  The Spiritual Landscape theme is relatively unusual – the only other example I can immediately think of is the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area in Utah.  Thus, in addition to being able to obtain this new stamp at Panola Mountain State Park and at the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, this stamp can also be obtained at the  Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is an unusual location for a passport cancellation as a religious site, but they also preserve a significant natural expanse of the Arabia Mountain area.  Their visitor center includes exhibits on the history of the monastery, and the gift shop includes fudge, fruitcake, and biscotti made on-site by the monks themselves.

The new cancellation for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail is for Blairstown, New Jersey.   Blairstown is located just to the east of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on the upper Pennsylvania-New Jersey border.  This stamp is located at the Mohican Outdoor Center, operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Finally, the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail has updated its stamp for Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to reflect the name of the town on the bottom instead of the name of the park.

Final shot: The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail runs along the north (far) shore of the Potomac River near and through Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Photo from 2007.


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